• 1 The Guide: Brother Waheed enlightens viewers with his keen knowledge of religions.
  • 2 The Muslim Woman: Sister Amani reaches out to suffering women held in the bondage of Islam.
  • 3 Without Shackles: Sister Katia helps viewers to discover salvation through God’s love.
  • 4 Through the Bible: Dr. Ashraf provides new Christians with an in-depth study of God's Word.
  • 5 Saudi Magazine: Dr. Khaled intercedes, using the Hejazi dialect, for selected Saudi cities.
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Difference of One Dollar—Even one dollar can make an eternal difference!

imageProduction costs and airtime fees to broadcast a one-hour, live show on Al Hayat TV is approximately $8,000. That hour-long program reaches a minimum of 16 million people per month. Every donation counts: $1 will reach 2,000 people, $100 will reach 200,000 people, and $1000 will reach 2,000,000 people. And, each program...

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Monthly high volume Internet and Social Media Responses to Al Hayat TV

imageAl Hayat TV complements its television broadcasts by maintaining fourteen Internet sites where users can access its television program videos, receive materials, post comments, and e-mail questions. Every month, Al Hayat TV makes 300 hours of programming available to the viewing audience. In turn...

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Testimonies of Our Viewers Around the World Is the Reason Behind All We Do!

imageYou can find some few testimonies from different regions of the world listed under the section Regions and Testimonies listed in the side bar of this same page. You can also get all the testimonies from all over the world listed on our Friends of Al Hayat book, by ordering it here. And, each program...

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Our Challenge
Muslims are Open to the Gospel!

More people have come to Christ in every country in the Middle East in the last decade than in the last 1400 years combined! Muslims today are starting...

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Top Projects

  • The Qur’an Dilemma This is an extensively researched three-volume commentary that critically examines Islam’s holiest book. Available in both Arabic and English, it challenges serious readers to ponder the Read More
  • Booklets These powerful booklets are an excellent introduction to readers who are unfamiliar with Islam or the Qur’an, because each booklet can be read as a stand-alone Read More
  • Gospel for All Nations This series of evangelistic tracts introduces and explains key beliefs of Christianity specifically to Muslims. The objective of these tracts is to remove any misconceptions or Read More
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Other Programs

Unkown God

Unkown God

Pastor Hamdy Awad


Karl Faase
MaherAlDabaa 400
Love Returns

Love Returns

Prof. Maher Al Daba

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  • Tax Deductions

    All donations to Al Hayat Australia over $2.00 are 100% Tax deductible. Thank you for your generous donation. Contact us: +61450737677

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  • Frequency

    Dear Al Hayat TV Australia and New Zealand viewers,
    Starting from 1/09/2012, the channel settings will be as follow:

    Optus D2 Australia & New Zealand

    Location  : 152.0°E
     Downlink Frequecy : 12644 MHz
     Polarization : Horizontal
    Symbol Rate : 22500
     FEC : 3/4

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  • Muslim Lady from Egypt

    Amira , a Muslim lady from Egypt, called to thank our shows for praying for her and her family and she said that after following our shows, she finally decided to accept the Lord and wanted to do so with one of our prayer counselors. She accepted the Lord as her personal savior and also asked for prayers for the chronic migraine that she experience and the prayer counselor prayed again with her trusting that God will touch her. Amira’s headache was gone even during the prayer and she started to shout “God is great. I love him. He is great!!) Then Amira said:” since we can pray and God answers us, why not pray for my family to know Christ?” The entire team is praying for Amira’s family now.

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